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Family Counselling

Life can get better.

It is worrisome and heartbreaking as a parent to know your child or teen is struggling and to watch it affect their daily life. It is common as a parent to have a gut feeling that something is wrong but not know for certain what the problem might be.


At night, you wonder if your child is having a hard time adapting to a separation, divorce, friends or school. You think about their symptoms-such as anger, anxiety, depression, defiance, or impulsivity.

You know that family communication needs to improve, but you think counselling means being forced to have difficult conversations that might make things worse. You want to help your family, but you are concerned that taking your child or teen to counselling means you are failing as a parent.


Coming to TLC Therapy means bringing your family to a counselling professional who knows how to build a safe, therapeutic alliance, allowing your child to open up to the problems and discover their solutions. TLC Therapy has seen counselling strengthen relationships and improve family communication.


Family Counselling Services:

  • Child Counselling, including Play Therapy

  • Teen Counselling

  • Parent Counselling

  • Family Mediation

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