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Individual Counselling

1. Has someone told you that you have a problem, and you need to get help?

2. Are you thinking there is something wrong with you?

3. Have you struggled too just be yourself lately?


Those thoughts are good signs. What it means is someone cares enough to tell you a truth that might hurt you to hear but may well help you.

So, what is it like to be in your shoes?

Maybe your struggle, right now, is anger. Perhaps you battle with anxiety that makes it difficult to function. We are an addictive society, so it is common to have an addiction-whether it is with alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, shopping, or everything else.

Another reality that you might be struggling with is grief. Grief is one of the most exhausting conditions people face, and it can be experienced through loss, moving, death, or the end of a relationship. The situation can cause distress and impact your daily living.

No matter what is going on, it is important that you know that you are here reading this is a good step towards getting the help you deserve. I believe that no one deserves to suffer alone, and that reaching out for help is hard, but so worth it.

Common Concerns:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anger

  • Addiction

  • Stress Management

  • Grief and Loss.

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